Nash & Peter Wedding

About this event


164 guests


Wedding reception

Client's design brief

Elegant floral theme

Key design elements

Head Table

Guests Tables

Room entrance

Pre-dinner drinks area


Michael Fowler Centre
– client based in Wellington

We would like to say a very big thank you for all your help in making our wedding day a special and memorable one! We were definitely in awe when we arrived at the reception, it was truly magical!!! Everything we pictured it to be. I knew then and there that choosing Red Pebble was the best decision we made. Only a month leading to our wedding when we got in contact with you, but still was flawless, it just proved how excellent you are at what you do. Dealing with you from day one leading to the wedding was a breeze. It was so easy to place my trust and confidence. Special mention to Belinda for being so patient and a good listener. You guys are amazing!

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